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stop search of regular paths?

From: Patrick
Subject: stop search of regular paths?
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 15:12:39 -0400
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Hi Everyone

I am trying something weird. I have compiled ncurses with tcc but I want to use tcc's cross compiling features. I want to control where configure looks for libraries. I have what I want for now in my $PATH and this PATH does not have the standard stuff like /usr/include etc

ncurses's configure seems to be finding libraries I don't want it to. I used this:

alias tcc='arm-tcc -nostdinc -nostdlib'

I have tcc failing to find the standard libraries in the standard places when I compile a "hello_word.c" program. This is what I want for now but configure is finding them.

I tried ./configure --help but I didn't see the option to disable the search of libraries in standard places. Can anyone tell me how to disable this? Thanks for reading-Patrick

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