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Bug report pertaining to printing wide characters

From: Ampera
Subject: Bug report pertaining to printing wide characters
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2019 14:23:40 -0500

Bug occurs when printing individual characters using the function mvaddwstr. The full details are displayed in this SO post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54795303/ncurses-freaks-out-when-writing-wide-character-to-certain-screen-locations

Additional potentially useful information (to be thorough). Program was compiled using the latest or near latest G++ (GCC) offered by the Arch Linux repos on Arch Linux. C++ was used when compiling. This bug occurs on the terminals xterm, urxvt, Alacritty, and MATE-Terminal.

The bug seems to not be related to terminal capabilities, as even on xterm which has no wide character/unicode support, the bad character printing can still be seen. A comment said it might have something to do with some character repeat control character, but I'd not have much insight into that.

Only other information I can think that could be important is the supporting code, in which I used the following function calls:

initscr(), setlocale(LC_ALL, ""), raw(), keypad(stdscr, TRUE), noecho(), and nodelay(stdscr, TRUE). The effect does not change if colour is enabled/disabled, or if I refrain from assigning attributes (colour or otherwise).

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