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C++ wrapper

From: Henry Zhu
Subject: C++ wrapper
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2018 19:37:20 -0400


I've recently started to work with the ncurses library on a small C++ project (The C library is well documented and works well), bur it would be nice if there was a c++ api to work with. I recently found out that there was a c++ wrapper around the c library in the ncurses source after digging around for a bit.

I glossed over the contents of the wrapper source and compiled and tested the demo in the directory. The demo, for the most part, worked well. However, I noticed that there were some flaws in the demo and that there was a lack of documentation of the wrapper.

I have some questions about this wrapper:

1) Is anyone maintaining the c++ wrapper currently?
2) Would any patches to the c++ wrapper be considered for inclusion in ncurses?


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