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Color support in NCursesMenu::post()

From: Federico Di Pierro
Subject: Color support in NCursesMenu::post()
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2017 17:24:19 +0100


I was wondering if color support for post() method is planned.

I see 2 way to achieve that:
1) by hooking a callback, like:
virtual OnItemPrint(int currX, int currY, NCursesMenuItem &item),
that defaults to waddnstr().

Then everyone can override the method and add any attribute he wishes.

2) By adding an attribute field to NCursesMenuItem, and parsing that field inĀ _nc_Post_Item before printing (eg: wattron(menu->win, item->attributes)).

Is there such a plan?
Would a patch be considered and accepted?

Thanks for your time,

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