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Improper display over Serial console

From: Aarian P. Aleahmad
Subject: Improper display over Serial console
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 15:37:33 +0330

Hi there
I've recently faced two problems with nurses while working with it over a serial console.

I have a CentOS machine (Let's just call it Server). Whenever I open a ncurses application (e.g. nmtui) on Server, everything's fine:

I also have another CentOS machine (Let's call it Client). The client is connected to the server using a Serial (RS-232) cable. I login to the server using "screen /dev/ttyS0" command. The problem is that when I open the ncurses applications this time (i.e. It is opened on the server but displayed on the client), the ncurses "WINDOW"(s) aren't displayed properly:

Another example:

First two pair of pictures belongs to nmtui. The next two, belongs to a program developed by myself. I would like to know whether if it is possible to fix the issue without touching ncurses itself (e.g., by some additional function calls in my program etc.)

Another problem is about colors. I have run this command on in the serial console: "export TERM=xterm-256color" which results to the colorful display that is seen in the client. The problem is that the init_color function works fine when I'm working with the server but in the serial client, as you can see, it doesn't seems to work.

I will thank you if you help me on these issues.


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