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Ncurses/Forms unfocus current field

From: Leon Winter
Subject: Ncurses/Forms unfocus current field
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 12:27:22 +0200
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Hi Thomas,

we are using ncurses/forms in our application and ran into the following issue:
We have a current field where we enter some data. Afterwards we retrieve the
field buffer and do some computation. Then we would like to change some
attributes of the field, do some more computation and based on that, move to the
next field. While changing field attributes (field_{back,fore,pad}) of the
current field is possible, one cannot do the same for field options (field_opts)
like O_PUBLIC and such. One can argue that field options can change important
properties of the field (like O_STATIC) which are impossible to do to a current
field. However in our use case we do not want the current field to be focussed
anymore. We are in between two fields, where neither is focussed.
However with the current implementation this seems to be impossible. In fact, it
seems one field is always the current field and there is no way to not have
current field expect having no fields at all.
As a workaround one could introduce a dummy field where one would jump to
anytime to simulate the "in between fields" state. Another way is to enable
forms to unfocus the current field and not focus another one.
I opted for the latter and developed a quick and dirty patch for it (see
attached). "set_current_field (form, 0)" is my semantic for unfocussing the
current field while not focussing a new field at the same time.

What would you recommend?
- Using a dummy field as work-around
- Polishing the patch and enabling ncurses/forms to not have a current field
- something else


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