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XTerm Double-Width Display Issue

From: 顔無し
Subject: XTerm Double-Width Display Issue
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2016 01:17:16 -0400
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Hello, all.  I recently upgraded to the latest version of XTerm (from 325-1 to 
326-1) and immediately noticed what seems to be a display bug involving 
double-width characters.  Single-width spaces are inserted after every 
double-width character when certain display events occur (e.g. the XTerm window 
losing focus).  I have attached two screenshots in hopes of demonstrating this 
bug.  Has anyone else experienced this?

For your convenience, here are some double-width characters:


If you are using 326-1, try selecting the text by mouse.  Try maximizing and 
then unmaximizing your XTerm window.  Does the spacing change?

Thank you.

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