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CDK - Multiple Menu's (cdk_menu)

From: Marc Smith
Subject: CDK - Multiple Menu's (cdk_menu)
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 00:09:17 -0400


Looking for any tips for using multiple CDK menu's on a single screen... I know that I can use one on the TOP and one on the BOTTOM but I want one on top of the other (no rows between)... and maybe that is the answer, to not use a single CDK screen but use multiple? Put one CDK menu on a screen, and then the second on a different (sub) screen?

Ultimately the reason is I have a lot of menu items (top level and sub) so I'm looking to expand the menu list, and using one one top of the other seems to be the best option. Having third-level menu items would be a nice addition, or a menu that wraps around the screen (eg, wraps down to the row below if too many items for the screen column size). Using one menu at the top of the screen and one menu at the bottom doesn't look very nice. Looking for a solution that doesn't involve modifying the CDK source.

Any ideas?



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