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Colors in a file generated with putwin(3c)

From: John S. Urban
Subject: Colors in a file generated with putwin(3c)
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2015 22:06:00 -0500


Files generated with putwin(3c) do not appear to contain information to reproduce the color pairs that were in use when the putwin(3c) call was made. Is that correct?



I made a routine to print pads or windows as pre-formatted HTML. It works quite well for my purposes when called directly from an ncurses(3c) application.  Well enough that others are interested in using it with their applications. To make a long story short (my programs are in Fortran, theirs are in C and

Python for starters) I thought I would make a small application that read a putwin(3c) file  (thus having a way to generate screen-shots that was language-independent and already part of the ncurses(3c) library) and convert that to HTML.  It works well enough for everything but color for those currently interested in it.  Am I doing something wrong or is there no

Color pair information in the dump files?   If not, is that a feature or a bug?



I’m well aware Fortran is generally considered a niche language, so I am not expecting any support in that regard.  However,

If anyone is interested in the code, it is the ncp.f90 program, which calls nc_printhtml.f90; which interfaces to ncurses(3c) thru ncurses.f90, as described at


The interface described there is all public domain; but the applications are not and are not available for transmittal.


Alternatively, does anyone know of a  routine similar to nc_printhtml.f90 that is available in C/C++ or Python?  

If not, then I suppose I can rewite nc_printhtml.f90 in some other languages; but unlike a good part of the world almost

Everything I do is Fortran; and I don’t want to re-invent the wheel if something similar already exists ( I did try a few search engines, and found no “curses-to-html” utilities. I am NOT interested in anything that converts to pixmaps as an alternative.

I am specifically interested in generating HTML).



J. S. Urban




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