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bug in dialog --programbox v 1.2 ?

From: Gary Cowell
Subject: bug in dialog --programbox v 1.2 ?
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 14:02:08 +0100


Hope this is the right list, it said on the dialog page to use the
ncurses mail list so...

I'm using

$ ./dialog --version
Version: 1.2-20130523

This problem exhibits on my builds on AIX 6.1, Linux RHEL 6 and Solaris SPARC 10

When using dialog for --programbox like this:

ls | ./dialog --programbox 10 20

We don't get any output, the screen flashes really quickly, no OK
button is displayed so the output is cleared immediately.

My understanding from the manpage is that this should display an OK
prompt at program completion.

This is how prgbox works:

./dialog --prgbox ls 10 20

This does display the OK prompt, but really I need the flexibility of
feeding in piped output, hence my desire to use --programbox

Am I using it wrong? Or is there a bug?  The 'samples' don't work
either (they do the same thing) - the samples scroll the programbox
output, then quit without waiting for 'OK' to be chosen.

Thanks for any help


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