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From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: ncurses-5.9-20130805.patch.gz
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2013 05:24:00 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.20 (2009-06-14)

 ncurses 5.9 - patch 20130805 - Thomas E. Dickey


 Ncurses 5.9 is at

 Patches for ncurses 5.9 are in the subdirectory

 patch by Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>
 created  Mon Aug  5 09:18:54 UTC 2013
 INSTALL                                         |    6 
 MANIFEST                                        |    1 
 Makefile.in                                     |   17 
 NEWS                                            |   10 
 aclocal.m4                                      |    8 
 c++/Makefile.in                                 |    5 
 configure                                       | 3821 +++++++++++-----------
 configure.in                                    |   29 
 dist.mk                                         |    4 
 form/Makefile.in                                |    7 
 include/Makefile.in                             |    7 
 man/Makefile.in                                 |    7 
 menu/Makefile.in                                |    7 
 misc/Makefile.in                                |    7 
 mk-hdr.awk                                      |   16 
 ncurses-5.9-20130805/package/mingw-ncurses.spec |  125 
 ncurses/Makefile.in                             |    5 
 package/debian/changelog                        |    4 
 package/ncurses.spec                            |    2 
 panel/Makefile.in                               |    7 
 progs/Makefile.in                               |    7 
 test/Makefile.in                                |    7 
 22 files changed, 2160 insertions(+), 1949 deletions(-)
 Please remove the following files before applying this patch.
 (You can feed this patch to 'sh' to do so.)

rm -f Makefile
rm -f c++/Makefile
rm -f c++/demo
rm -f c++/etip.h
rm -f config.log
rm -f config.status
rm -f configure.out
rm -f edit_man.sed
rm -f edit_man.sh
rm -f form/Makefile
rm -f headers.sh
rm -f include/MKterm.h.awk
rm -f include/Makefile
rm -f include/config.h
rm -f include/curses.h
rm -f include/curses.head
rm -f include/eti.h
rm -f include/form.h
rm -f include/hashsize.h
rm -f include/menu.h
rm -f include/mf_common.h
rm -f include/ncurses_cfg.h
rm -f include/ncurses_def.h
rm -f include/ncurses_dll.h
rm -f include/panel.h
rm -f include/parametrized.h
rm -f include/term.h
rm -f include/termcap.h
rm -f include/unctrl.h
rm -f lib/libform.so
rm -f lib/libform.so.5
rm -f lib/libform.so.5.9
rm -f lib/libmenu.so
rm -f lib/libmenu.so.5
rm -f lib/libmenu.so.5.9
rm -f lib/libncurses++.a
rm -f lib/libncurses.so
rm -f lib/libncurses.so.5
rm -f lib/libncurses.so.5.9
rm -f lib/libpanel.so
rm -f lib/libpanel.so.5
rm -f lib/libpanel.so.5.9
rm -f lib/libtic.so
rm -f lib/libtic.so.5
rm -f lib/libtic.so.5.9
rm -f make.out
rm -f man/Makefile
rm -f man/ncurses5-config.1
rm -f man/terminfo.5
rm -f menu/Makefile
rm -f misc/Makefile
rm -f misc/gen-pkgconfig
rm -f misc/ncurses-config
rm -f misc/run_tic.sed
rm -f misc/run_tic.sh
rm -f misc/terminfo.tmp
rm -f ncurses/Makefile
rm -f ncurses/codes.c
rm -f ncurses/comp_captab.c
rm -f ncurses/expanded.c
rm -f ncurses/fallback.c
rm -f ncurses/init_keytry.h
rm -f ncurses/keys.list
rm -f ncurses/lib_gen.c
rm -f ncurses/lib_keyname.c
rm -f ncurses/link_test.c
rm -f ncurses/make_hash
rm -f ncurses/make_keys
rm -f ncurses/names.c
rm -f ncurses/unctrl.c
rm -f obj_s/access.o
rm -f obj_s/add_tries.o
rm -f obj_s/alloc_entry.o
rm -f obj_s/alloc_ttype.o
rm -f obj_s/background.o
rm -f obj_s/blue.o
rm -f obj_s/bs.o
rm -f obj_s/captoinfo.o
rm -f obj_s/cardfile.o
rm -f obj_s/chgat.o
rm -f obj_s/clear.o
rm -f obj_s/clip_printw.o
rm -f obj_s/codes.o
rm -f obj_s/color_set.o
rm -f obj_s/comp_captab.o
rm -f obj_s/comp_error.o
rm -f obj_s/comp_expand.o
rm -f obj_s/comp_hash.o
rm -f obj_s/comp_parse.o
rm -f obj_s/comp_scan.o
rm -f obj_s/cursesapp.o
rm -f obj_s/cursesf.o
rm -f obj_s/cursesm.o
rm -f obj_s/cursesmain.o
rm -f obj_s/cursesp.o
rm -f obj_s/cursespad.o
rm -f obj_s/cursesw.o
rm -f obj_s/cursslk.o
rm -f obj_s/db_iterator.o
rm -f obj_s/define_key.o
rm -f obj_s/demo.o
rm -f obj_s/demo_altkeys.o
rm -f obj_s/demo_defkey.o
rm -f obj_s/demo_forms.o
rm -f obj_s/demo_keyok.o
rm -f obj_s/demo_menus.o
rm -f obj_s/demo_panels.o
rm -f obj_s/demo_termcap.o
rm -f obj_s/demo_terminfo.o
rm -f obj_s/ditto.o
rm -f obj_s/doalloc.o
rm -f obj_s/dots.o
rm -f obj_s/dots_mvcur.o
rm -f obj_s/dots_termcap.o
rm -f obj_s/dump_entry.o
rm -f obj_s/echochar.o
rm -f obj_s/edit_field.o
rm -f obj_s/entries.o
rm -f obj_s/expanded.o
rm -f obj_s/f_trace.o
rm -f obj_s/fallback.o
rm -f obj_s/filter.o
rm -f obj_s/firework.o
rm -f obj_s/firstlast.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_arg.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_attr.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_current.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_def.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_dup.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_ftchoice.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_ftlink.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_info.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_just.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_link.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_max.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_move.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_newftyp.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_opts.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_pad.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_page.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_stat.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_type.o
rm -f obj_s/fld_user.o
rm -f obj_s/foldkeys.o
rm -f obj_s/free_ttype.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_cursor.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_data.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_def.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_driver.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_hook.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_opts.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_page.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_post.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_req_name.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_scale.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_sub.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_user.o
rm -f obj_s/frm_win.o
rm -f obj_s/fty_alnum.o
rm -f obj_s/fty_alpha.o
rm -f obj_s/fty_enum.o
rm -f obj_s/fty_generic.o
rm -f obj_s/fty_int.o
rm -f obj_s/fty_ipv4.o
rm -f obj_s/fty_num.o
rm -f obj_s/fty_regex.o
rm -f obj_s/gdc.o
rm -f obj_s/getenv_num.o
rm -f obj_s/hanoi.o
rm -f obj_s/hardscroll.o
rm -f obj_s/hashed_db.o
rm -f obj_s/hashmap.o
rm -f obj_s/hashtest.o
rm -f obj_s/home_terminfo.o
rm -f obj_s/inch_wide.o
rm -f obj_s/inchs.o
rm -f obj_s/infocmp.o
rm -f obj_s/init_keytry.o
rm -f obj_s/ins_wide.o
rm -f obj_s/insdelln.o
rm -f obj_s/inserts.o
rm -f obj_s/key_defined.o
rm -f obj_s/key_names.o
rm -f obj_s/keybound.o
rm -f obj_s/keynames.o
rm -f obj_s/keyok.o
rm -f obj_s/knight.o
rm -f obj_s/legacy_coding.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_acs.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_addch.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_addstr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_baudrate.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_beep.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_bkgd.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_box.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_chgat.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_clear.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_clearok.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_clrbot.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_clreol.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_color.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_colorset.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_cur_term.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_data.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_delch.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_delwin.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_dft_fgbg.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_echo.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_endwin.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_erase.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_flash.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_freeall.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_gen.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_getch.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_getstr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_has_cap.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_hline.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_immedok.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_inchstr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_initscr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_insch.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_insdel.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_insnstr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_instr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_isendwin.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_kernel.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_keyname.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_leaveok.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_longname.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_mouse.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_move.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_mvcur.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_mvwin.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_napms.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_newterm.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_newwin.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_nl.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_options.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_overlay.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_pad.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_print.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_printw.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_raw.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_redrawln.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_refresh.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_restart.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_scanw.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_screen.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_scroll.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_scrollok.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_scrreg.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_set_term.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_setup.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slk.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slkatr_set.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slkatrof.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slkatron.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slkatrset.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slkattr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slkclear.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slkcolor.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slkinit.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slklab.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slkrefr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slkset.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_slktouch.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_termcap.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_termname.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_tgoto.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_ti.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_touch.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_tparm.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_tputs.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_trace.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_traceatr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_tracebits.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_tracechr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_tracedmp.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_tracemse.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_tstp.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_ttyflags.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_twait.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_ungetch.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_vidattr.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_vline.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_wattroff.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_wattron.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_winch.o
rm -f obj_s/lib_window.o
rm -f obj_s/lrtest.o
rm -f obj_s/m_attribs.o
rm -f obj_s/m_cursor.o
rm -f obj_s/m_driver.o
rm -f obj_s/m_format.o
rm -f obj_s/m_global.o
rm -f obj_s/m_hook.o
rm -f obj_s/m_item_cur.o
rm -f obj_s/m_item_nam.o
rm -f obj_s/m_item_new.o
rm -f obj_s/m_item_opt.o
rm -f obj_s/m_item_top.o
rm -f obj_s/m_item_use.o
rm -f obj_s/m_item_val.o
rm -f obj_s/m_item_vis.o
rm -f obj_s/m_items.o
rm -f obj_s/m_new.o
rm -f obj_s/m_opts.o
rm -f obj_s/m_pad.o
rm -f obj_s/m_pattern.o
rm -f obj_s/m_post.o
rm -f obj_s/m_req_name.o
rm -f obj_s/m_scale.o
rm -f obj_s/m_spacing.o
rm -f obj_s/m_sub.o
rm -f obj_s/m_trace.o
rm -f obj_s/m_userptr.o
rm -f obj_s/m_win.o
rm -f obj_s/movewindow.o
rm -f obj_s/name_match.o
rm -f obj_s/names.o
rm -f obj_s/nc_panel.o
rm -f obj_s/ncurses.o
rm -f obj_s/newdemo.o
rm -f obj_s/obsolete.o
rm -f obj_s/p_above.o
rm -f obj_s/p_below.o
rm -f obj_s/p_bottom.o
rm -f obj_s/p_delete.o
rm -f obj_s/p_hidden.o
rm -f obj_s/p_hide.o
rm -f obj_s/p_move.o
rm -f obj_s/p_new.o
rm -f obj_s/p_replace.o
rm -f obj_s/p_show.o
rm -f obj_s/p_top.o
rm -f obj_s/p_update.o
rm -f obj_s/p_user.o
rm -f obj_s/p_win.o
rm -f obj_s/panel.o
rm -f obj_s/parse_entry.o
rm -f obj_s/railroad.o
rm -f obj_s/rain.o
rm -f obj_s/read_entry.o
rm -f obj_s/read_termcap.o
rm -f obj_s/redraw.o
rm -f obj_s/resizeterm.o
rm -f obj_s/safe_sprintf.o
rm -f obj_s/savescreen.o
rm -f obj_s/strings.o
rm -f obj_s/tabs.o
rm -f obj_s/tclock.o
rm -f obj_s/test_add_wchstr.o
rm -f obj_s/test_addchstr.o
rm -f obj_s/test_addstr.o
rm -f obj_s/test_addwstr.o
rm -f obj_s/test_arrays.o
rm -f obj_s/test_get_wstr.o
rm -f obj_s/test_getstr.o
rm -f obj_s/test_instr.o
rm -f obj_s/test_inwstr.o
rm -f obj_s/test_opaque.o
rm -f obj_s/test_vid_puts.o
rm -f obj_s/test_vidputs.o
rm -f obj_s/testaddch.o
rm -f obj_s/testcurs.o
rm -f obj_s/testscanw.o
rm -f obj_s/tic.o
rm -f obj_s/toe.o
rm -f obj_s/tput.o
rm -f obj_s/trace_buf.o
rm -f obj_s/trace_tries.o
rm -f obj_s/trace_xnames.o
rm -f obj_s/transform.o
rm -f obj_s/tries.o
rm -f obj_s/trim_sgr0.o
rm -f obj_s/tset.o
rm -f obj_s/tty_update.o
rm -f obj_s/unctrl.o
rm -f obj_s/use_screen.o
rm -f obj_s/use_window.o
rm -f obj_s/varargs.o
rm -f obj_s/version.o
rm -f obj_s/view.o
rm -f obj_s/visbuf.o
rm -f obj_s/vsscanf.o
rm -f obj_s/worm.o
rm -f obj_s/wresize.o
rm -f obj_s/write_entry.o
rm -f obj_s/xmas.o
rm -f panel/Makefile
rm -f progs/Makefile
rm -f progs/clear
rm -f progs/infocmp
rm -f progs/tabs
rm -f progs/termsort.c
rm -f progs/tic
rm -f progs/toe
rm -f progs/tput
rm -f progs/transform.h
rm -f progs/tset
rm -f test/Makefile
rm -f test/background
rm -f test/blue
rm -f test/bs
rm -f test/cardfile
rm -f test/chgat
rm -f test/clip_printw
rm -f test/color_set
rm -f test/demo_altkeys
rm -f test/demo_defkey
rm -f test/demo_forms
rm -f test/demo_keyok
rm -f test/demo_menus
rm -f test/demo_panels
rm -f test/demo_termcap
rm -f test/demo_terminfo
rm -f test/ditto
rm -f test/dots
rm -f test/dots_mvcur
rm -f test/dots_termcap
rm -f test/echochar
rm -f test/filter
rm -f test/firework
rm -f test/firstlast
rm -f test/foldkeys
rm -f test/gdc
rm -f test/hanoi
rm -f test/hashtest
rm -f test/inch_wide
rm -f test/inchs
rm -f test/ins_wide
rm -f test/insdelln
rm -f test/inserts
rm -f test/key_names
rm -f test/keynames
rm -f test/knight
rm -f test/lrtest
rm -f test/movewindow
rm -f test/ncurses
rm -f test/newdemo
rm -f test/railroad
rm -f test/rain
rm -f test/redraw
rm -f test/savescreen
rm -f test/tclock
rm -f test/test_add_wchstr
rm -f test/test_addchstr
rm -f test/test_addstr
rm -f test/test_addwstr
rm -f test/test_arrays
rm -f test/test_get_wstr
rm -f test/test_getstr
rm -f test/test_instr
rm -f test/test_inwstr
rm -f test/test_opaque
rm -f test/test_vid_puts
rm -f test/test_vidputs
rm -f test/testaddch
rm -f test/testcurs
rm -f test/testscanw
rm -f test/view
rm -f test/worm
rm -f test/xmas

        + minor fixes to the --disable-overwrite logic, to ensure that the
          configured $(includedir) is not cancelled by the mingwxx-filesystem
          rpm macros.
        + add --disable-db-install configure option, to simplify building
          cross-compile support packages.
        + add mingw-ncurses.spec file, for testing cross-compiles.

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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