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ncurses issue with xterm in code blocks

From: tjareson
Subject: ncurses issue with xterm in code blocks
Date: Wed, 01 May 2013 16:22:18 -0300
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I'm currently developing a console application using ncurses. For that I use codeblocks and start the app in xterm from the codeblocks IDE, while developing it. The application is using windows, forms, etc. from ncurses, as well as wide character support.

When developing I have more or less regularly the following strange effect:
Sometimes not everything which should be actually visible becomes visible: e.g. certain fields in forms are missing or a box is not completly closed, after doing a refresh() in the application.

Whenever I click then with the mouse in one corner of the xterm-window as if I would like to resize it (but not changing the size) all the elements are getting displayed.

Right now I'm not sure where to search exactly to solve this problem. If it is probably an xterm issue, a terminfo-database issue, an ncurses issue or something else...

Does anyone has a hint for me? Or observed something similar? I tried already to work around it in my source code with a combination of touchwin and refresh afterwards to really force an update of the whole screen, but that didn't avoid this screen update error coming up every now and then.

I do not see this effect if I'm using the application e.g. in gnome-terminal, but debugging in codeblocks only works when running the application in xterm.

My current setup is:
Ubuntu 12.04
codeblocks 10.05
ncurses 5.9

The xterm gets started from codeblocks with:
xterm -cr green -bc -fa "monotype.com" -fs 12 -geometry 80x25+1680+0 -T $TITLE -e


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