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Re: ncurses-5.9-20120107.patch.gz

From: Roumen Petrov
Subject: Re: ncurses-5.9-20120107.patch.gz
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 23:06:52 +0200
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Hello Thomas,

Thomas Dickey wrote:
  ncurses 5.9 - patch 20120107 - Thomas E. Dickey
I cannot follow rapid development of ncursers.
        + various improvments for MinGW (patch by Juergen Pfeifer):
          + modify stat() calls to ignore the st_size member
          + drop mk-dlls.sh script.
          + change recommended regular expression library.
          + modify rain.c to allow for threaded configuraton.
          + modify tset.c to allow for case when size-change logic is not used.
Thanks to Juergen Pfeifer for mingw patches. It seems to me such patches cover native build.

In same topic but not related only to mingw I would like to inform you about cross-compilation issue - build on linux form mingw host and run in emulated environment.

- term_entry.h (real cross-issue)
  term_entry.h include term.h and latest is for host system
make_hash - a binary for build system include term_entry.h to get enumerate DBDIRS for some functions in tic.h and cross-build fall if is for incompatible host like build from linux to mingw. For protocol I enclose all except enumerate in #ifndef USE_BUILD_CC to build ncurses.

- db_iterator.c
  mingw patch just ignore st_size member in two places .
If I understand code check_existence(...) is only to test existence of a directory .
  S_ISDIR(sb->st_mode) work on mingw.
  Could "..sb->st_size" be replaced by .._ISDIR(sb->st_mode)  ?

Roumen Petrov

- win_driver.c (not important, only informative)
CreateConsoleScreenBuffer is not implemented in wine and tests crash. To avoid crash I just assign stdout (TCB->out) to TCB->hdl if TCB->hdl is not valid console handle

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