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OT: Using a vt100 terminal??

From: Michael D. Setzer II
Subject: OT: Using a vt100 terminal??
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 05:10:31 +1000

I have a user that is trying to get the g4l project running on a hardware system which only has a vt100 (or maybe a vt102) terminal connected.

The thread of the message is at this address.


I don't have access to a vt100 or similar terminal, so don't have a way to test it directly. With what we have tried, it seems to get it to come up with the terminal prompt, but then fails to run the script that uses dialog as its gui?

The latest thing I asked him to do, was try a simple dialog option, and this is what it did.

bash-4.1# dialog --msgbox "test" 0 0
Error opening terminal: vt100.

I'm thinking it is something simple we have missed, or that it is something that does work, or needs more info.


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