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Re: 256 Terminal Color Question ...

From: Ben Duncan
Subject: Re: 256 Terminal Color Question ...
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 2009 12:50:44 -0500
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Thanks, It looks like multiplying by 3.922 give me a
close enuff value to work with. Already reproducing
some pretty pretty MicroSoft colorization on some
xterm testing ...

Mike Gran wrote:
From: Ben Duncan <address@hidden>

I know that for xterm on my box, the default colors don't use the
whole 0 to 1000 range.  White is set at R=680, G=680 B=680 or some-
thing like that. I always assumed that they reserve the difference between 680 and 1000 for 'bold', but, that's just a guess. I know
for some non-xterm terminals, white is R=1000, G=1000, B=1000.

I think you could get a decent match by just multiplying the decimal (0-255) values in the wikipedia table by 3. That'd
put you from 0 to 785.  That way, you split the difference
between white=680/680/680 and white=1000/1000/1000 terminals.

The true answer to your question on how you match those colors
in the table exactly is going to be different for each terminal
or terminal emulator, I think.


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