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Re: lantern symbol?

From: Brian Raiter
Subject: Re: lantern symbol?
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 17:11:07 -0700

> There is a pic of the VT220 glyphs here.
> http://vt100.net/dec/vt220/glyphs

But the lantern symbol never existed on the VT220.

> I think lantern is the one that looks like this (ASCII art)
> \__/
> |  |
> |__|
> /  \

Actually, in my experience most terminal fonts that try to support the
ACS characters beyond the line-drawing characters will map the lantern
symbol to the VT symbol (U+240B), which is the 11th symbol down on the
leftmost column. Presumably this is because the those terminals are
specifically emulating the VT220.


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