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Re: wide characters, get_wch() and form_driver() - cannot get them worki

From: Adam Spragg
Subject: Re: wide characters, get_wch() and form_driver() - cannot get them working together.
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 15:14:26 +0100
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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the reply.

On Tuesday 17 June 2008 14:57:01 Thomas Dickey wrote:
> The resolution was basically saying that the form library gets
> compiled to support wide-character mode, and that _it_ knows only
> about byte-at-a-time adds via addch, but that (with the limitation of
> not moving the cursor in the middle of the operation), should work.

Hmmm....in that case I wonder if it might be a problem with the Debian 
library. I'll look at compiling/installing a local version from the 
gnu.org sources and see if that helps.

> > I realise that you're just implementing The Open Group's spec here
> > and aren't responsible for the API design, so I hope I'm not
> > insulting you when I say that it looks to me like whoever designed
> > it was on some serious WTF-inducing crack.
> Actually Open Group hasn't done anything for form/menu/panel
> libraries. Those are from SVr4 "as is", and haven't been touched by
> any more recent standard.

Ah, I was accusing the wrong group of people for WTFery. My apologies to 
TOG. :)

> > For instance, I want Ctrl+H and KEY_BACKSPACE to do exactly the
> > same thing,
> Well...(this is Open Group ;-) KEY_xxx values aren't really
> characters.
> What I did in dialog was to fold the Ctrl+H, etc., into KEY_xxx
> values, (actually mapping to dialog's own equivalents) remembering
> when there's a KEY_xxx value.  That gets it down to a single case
> statement - not for the form library, but for a similar goal.

Ah.....so a kind of

    if (i == OK) switch (ch) {
    case '0x08':
      i = KEY_CODE_YES;
      ch = KEY_BACKSPACE;

    case '\r':
    case '\n':
      i = KEY_CODE_YES;
      ch = KEY_ENTER;

    case 'x' /* Do normal character processing */
    if (i == KEY_CODE_YES) switch (ch) {
      /* Backspace processing */

    case KEY_ENTER:
      /* Enter processing */

    case KEY_FOO: /* Do other key processing */

Yeah, that makes sense. Ta.


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