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nucrses does not build with uclibc

From: Sumit Kumar Jain
Subject: nucrses does not build with uclibc
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2007 14:29:05 -0700 (PDT)

I am trying to build ncurses using a uclibc toolchain. I am using the debian way of build and am using

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us

to build. The ncurses version that I am using is 5.4. I am getting the following error.

make[2]: Entering directory `/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/obj-debug/misc'
sh /home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc/../mkinstalldirs /home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/debian/tmp/usr/share/terminfo
mkdir /home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/debian/tmp/usr/share/terminfo
sh /home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc/../mkinstalldirs /home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/debian/tmp/usr/share/tabset
mkdir /home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/debian/tmp/usr/share/tabset
DESTDIR=/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/debian/tmp \
prefix=/usr \
exec_prefix=/usr \
bindir=/usr/bin \
top_srcdir=/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4 \
srcdir=/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc \
datadir=/usr/share \
ticdir=/usr/share/terminfo \
source=/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc/terminfo.src \
THIS_CC="gcc" \
THAT_CC="gcc" \
sh ./run_tic.sh
** Building terminfo database, please wait...
Running tic to install /home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/debian/tmp/usr/share/terminfo ...

        You may see messages regarding unknown capabilities, e.g., AX.
        These are extended terminal capabilities which can be compiled
                tic -x
        Read the INSTALL document before doing this - it can cause
        problems for older ncurses applications.

"/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc/terminfo.src", line 402, col 3, terminal 'ecma+color': unknown capability 'AX'
"/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc/terminfo.src", line 2920, col 31, terminal 'xterm-1002': unknown capability 'XM'
"/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc/terminfo.src", line 2922, col 31, terminal 'xterm-1003': unknown capability 'XM'
"/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc/terminfo.src", line 3641, col 40, terminal 'screen': unknown capability 'G0'
"/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc/terminfo.src", line 3662, col 31, terminal 'screen': unknown capability 'E0'
"/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc/terminfo.src", line 3662, col 44, terminal 'screen': unknown capability 'S0'
"/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/misc/terminfo.src", line 4595, col 13, terminal 'djgpp204': unknown capability 'AX'
dlsym(__lxstat): Unable to resolve symbol
dlsym(__xstat): Unable to resolve symbol
dlsym(__fxstat): Unable to resolve symbol
dlsym(__lxstat64): Unable to resolve symbol
dlsym(__xstat64): Unable to resolve symbol
dlsym(__fxstat64): Unable to resolve symbol
dlsym(__xmknod): Unable to resolve symbol
? tic could not build /home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/debian/tmp/usr/share/terminfo
make[2]: *** [install.data] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/obj-debug/misc'
make[1]: *** [install] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/sumit/uclibc_disro/ncurses-5.4/obj-debug'
make: *** [install] Error 2

I think the problem is because of some glibc extension in C library. Any help as to how to build.


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