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Vte, gnome-terminal, Xfce's Terminal and terminfo entries

From: Alexander Toresson
Subject: Vte, gnome-terminal, Xfce's Terminal and terminfo entries
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 12:53:09 +0200


I've taken a look at ncurses' terminfo definitions for vte capable
stuff, and I noticed that Xfce's Terminal has an entry on its own,
which is just a link to the gnome entry. It also says in a comment
that Xfce's Terminal is a bit less capable than gnome-terminal. I
guess this is the reason it got its own entry to be able to change it
in the future; am I right?

But wouldn't a better approach be to create a basic 'vte' terminfo
entry and then derive 'gnome' and 'xfce'? gnome-terminal and xfce's
terminal are far from all applications using vte out there. For
example anjuta, tilda, geany and synaptic uses it. Now, wouldn't it be
nice to have a 'vte' terminfo entry that libvte could use as a default
if the application doesn't override it? I doubt all these applications
like anjuta and geany that just use vte as a component in their ui do
need unique terminfo definitions.

Regards, Alexander Toresson

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