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Re: various questions

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: various questions
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 17:27:41 -0400
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On Wed, May 23, 2007 at 01:45:13PM +0100, chinlu chinawa wrote:
> I've done a test case (for xterm-256color), and have
> ulpoaded a few screenshots for this, so I'm not
> missunderstood.

The testcase seems to be working (except that it broke with ncurses current
just because I have some bug to investigate in the --with-reentrant changes).
But with ncurses 5.6, it seems to do what you intended.

> http://es.geocities.com/ucho_trabajo/curses/normal_before.png
> http://es.geocities.com/ucho_trabajo/curses/normal_after.png

That seems to be xterm's border color (I made some fixes around #223)
ncurses doesn't know about that, since it's not part of the screen.
> Because of this, my best guess is that I'm not using
> terminfo correctly, rather than this being a bug
> within either ncurses (from which I'm running last
> version
> without any patches applied) or xterm (version 223)
> The next question about terminfo is why mvcur doesn't
> move the cursor straight away as it says it should.
> I've tested it right after a clr_screen and passing
> to it, both, (0, 0, 5, 5) and (-1, -1, 5, 5), but
> can't see the cursor moving anywhere.

I think it should... mvcur uses tputs, which should be setup ok.
But I see I've only one standalone test (test/redraw.c) which uses
mvcur, and that's in a curses application.  Perhaps some additional
setup is needed (I could also use it in test/dots.c).
> Another thing I've been looking for but haven't found
> is how does curses do so when within an appl. pressing
> shift+PgUp doesn't cause the screen to scroll, hence
> showing what you typed before launchng that app. on
> the terminal. I can see emacs doesn't handle this, but
> I'd like to.
> I use cscope and have a recursive database within
> ncurses' source root dir. Taking the following
> definition as example:
> extern NCURSES_EXPORT(char *) _nc_trace_ttymode(TTY
> *tty);
> where am I supossed to see code for that function? the
> expanded version of it should look like this:

I generally cd to the ncurses directory and grep for things
(though there's a tags rule in the makefile, tags doesn't find _everything_).
In vile, I just put the cursor on the word I'm looking for and press "@j".
That runs the egrep command shown below.
Other editors have similar capability.
> extern char * __cdecl _nc_trace_ttymode(TTY *tty);
> but I can't find that function being defined elsewhere
> in a c module, so I can't see it's code anywhere.

egrep -n _nc_trace_ttymode *.[ch] */*.[ch]

curses.priv.h:1095:extern NCURSES_EXPORT(char *)           
_nc_trace_ttymode(TTY *tty);
tinfo/lib_ttyflags.c:65:                    cur_term->Filedes, 
tinfo/lib_ttyflags.c:89:                    cur_term->Filedes, 
trace/lib_tracebits.c:86:_nc_trace_ttymode(TTY * tty)
trace/lib_tracebits.c:246:    return _nc_trace_ttymode(&(cur_term->Nttyb));
Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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