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Re: filter() prevents clearing of screen, but still clears current line

From: Christer Enfors
Subject: Re: filter() prevents clearing of screen, but still clears current line
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 15:39:13 +0100
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Avery Pennarun wrote:
I've done this sort of thing at least twice in my life, and it turns
out to be much easier than it sounds.  Use terminfo ("man 3
terminfo"), part of ncurses, to get the codes you need to move to
certain areas of the screen and interpret input characters.  It's
quite easy (and educational :)) to import a getline-type functionality
by yourself.

Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks.

Alternatively, bypass curses/terminfo entirely and just send hardcoded
vt100 codes.  It's not like there are any terminals nowadays that
don't support them, and you only need to remember about three of them
(move cursor, clear line, enable/disable bold.

I considered doing that too, but I think that terminfo is a better option for me.

Input's a little trickier because you have to catch multi-character
escape sequences.  But if you code it up yourself, you can support
multiple terminals much better than curses does:

That's funny. I read that exact blog entry just the other day. I must have come across it while searching for curses documentation or something.

Christer Enfors

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