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Mac OS X - libtool problems

From: Michail Vidiassov
Subject: Mac OS X - libtool problems
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 21:33:48 +0300 (MSK)

Dear Thomas,

I do not compile ncurses via libtool, but just to have things fixed.

Apple provides libtool that is not command-line compatible with GNU libtool.
Apple provides GNU libtool as glibtool (/usr/bin/glibtool).
Package managment system Macports provides GNU libtool as glibtool (/opt/local/bin/glibtool) Its competitor Fink installs GNU libtool as /sw/bin/glibtool or /sw/bin/libtool, I am not sure.

Ergo it looks like a good idea to look for glibtool, if search
for libtool fails, or libtool turns out not to be GNU libtool.

I am not sure.
May be the user MUST manually point configure to the correct libtool
using command-line option if anything is non-standart?

      Sincerely, Michail

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