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ABI problems in ncurses-5.5

From: Stanislav Ievlev
Subject: ABI problems in ncurses-5.5
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 11:55:07 +0400


First of all, 
ncurses-5.5 is binary incompatible with ncurses-5.4 on x86_64 plathform, 
because a new algorithm in configure script
chooses unsigned int (4 bytes) instead of unsigned long (8 bytes) (was in 
previous version).

Second problem is in the internal screen structure.
tinfo and tinfow libraries are binary incompatible again.
A _screen_acs_fix field (wrapped with ifdefs for WIDEC)
not at the end of the structure , and , therefore,
offset of _screen_acs_map is different between these libraries.
Could you move _screen_acs_fix to the end of the struct?

Third potential problem is the acs_map symbol in tinfo library.
It's not a good idea to export acs_map as an array.You will have
a problems, if you change ACS_LEN value. It's better export acs_map as a 
pointer to chtype array.

It's not a good idea to define preprocessor macros in headers. It can
breaks user's code. 
If you want to support a some legacy compillers, it's better to create
new configure switch to select generation between inlines or macros.

With best regards
Stanislav Ievlev.

ALT Linux Team.

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