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Re: Need function to mvwin and resize in one step

From: David Whetstone
Subject: Re: Need function to mvwin and resize in one step
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 15:52:48 -0800

wresize() checks if a subwindow fits into the parent window.
A regular window should work.

Right you are. I was mistaken. I was having trouble with my window resizing logic, and a cursory glance at the ncurses source showed similar tests. I hadn't noticed the _SUBWIN flag as part of the test.

You should be able to construct a function using the existing library
units that would do this.  To be completely general, it would have to
check whether the window to be resized is a subwindow or a regular
window (there's no function for that - just the _SUBWIN flag).  The
functions getmaxyx(), etc., provide a caller with the window's size.

With my previous mistaken assumption cleared up, my solution is clear. Thanks for your help.


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