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ncurses binding, configure types?

From: willett
Subject: ncurses binding, configure types?
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 01:34:37 -0400

This is a question rather than a bug.

I've written a binding for gpc Pascal to call ncurses. It seems to work very well on my own system, Mac OSX (powerpc-apple-darwin8). I'd like to distribute this for other gpc users, on a diversity of hosts. However, I believe it will break on systems with different size types, because I currently define the following as (the Pascal equivalents of):

 @cf_cv_typeof_chtype@     unsigned long
 @cf_cv_type_of_bool@       unsigned int

  @cf_cv_widec_shift@         8
  @cf_cv_shift_limit@           32
  @cf_cv_1UL@                   1UL

And chtype and bool, in particular, are used in structures. Thus if my Pascal type doesn't match the
size of the c type in ncurses, the structure fields will not align.

I would like to make my pascal binding more portable, but my knowledge of configuration files and c is rather limited, as is the time I can put into automating this process. My candiate
solutions are:

Simplest: I can give the user a couple of greps to run on ncurses.h, and instructions to edit
the Pascal types by hand to match the c types.

Harder: Ada bindings apparently run a c program that includes ncurses.h and does stuff like:

  if (sizeof(chtype)==sizeof(int)) {
        if (sizeof(int)==sizeof(long))
      else if (sizeof(chtype)==sizeof(long)) {

Then runs a makefile on the output of this program and eventually creates an Ada source
file.  Doing this is beyond my time and competence.

Any suggestions?


Willett Kempton

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