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Re: Project proposal, CTK (Thomas Dickey)

From: Rick Engebretson
Subject: Re: Project proposal, CTK (Thomas Dickey)
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 08:50:16 -0600

Perhaps some would like to try CK. It can be found at
http://www.ch-werner.de/ck/ .

I have only tried the "Old!" Linux i386 RPM for Red Hat 7.0 It installed
nicely on SuSE 7.3 (except for using a different man page directory). The
pdf documentation is quite good.

Calling the new CK shell ("cwsh") from the console creates a nice
ncurses-tcl terminal. You can play with CK from here. Entering two tcl
commands generates a frame widget;

    frame .frame1 -height 10 -width 10 -background white
    pack .frame1 -anchor nw

You can play with the frame's properties with;

    .frame configure -background blue
    .frame configure -width 30

As you experiment, be prepared to switch to another console (ps -A | more)
to kill the cwsh process, clear and exit the confused terminal.
A single tcl interpreter can spawn other interpreters. An ncurses-tcl
"window manager" might greatly expand the Linux display.
Thanks again for your fine work.

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