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Suppressed blanks

From: Kevin Frick
Subject: Suppressed blanks
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 18:57:02 -0800 (PST)

I'm new to ncurses and have been toying with the
library under Linux. I was wondering if someone could
point me in a direction that might help me explain and
fix the behavior I'm seeing. When ever I do any kind
of display output to a window, blanks are sometimes
suppressed if they immediately proceed a numeric
digit. Thus the line:

mvwprintw(win, 1, 0, "%10d %10d %10d\n", a, b, c);

when a=13, b=26, c= 755 would look like


Similarly, the following line of code displays the
exact same result:

mvwprintw(win, 1, 0, "    %10d %10d %10d\n", a, b, c);

If I change the line to:

mvwprintw(win, 1, 0, "%010d %010d %010d\n", a, b, c);
the output looks correct:

0000000013 0000000026 0000000755

I'm using the 5.2 version of ncurses library on a 2.4
based Linux kernel. I've set the terminal emulator
session to VT100 and ANSI with the same results. Any
help is greatly appreciated.


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