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From a romanian interested about ncurses!

From: Gingis Han
Subject: From a romanian interested about ncurses!
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 19:47:36 +0100

hi fellows !

Let me introduce me first.My name is Ovidiu I live in Romania ,Timisoara and I 
love programing.This is a new hobby for me. :) I m kidding.I have a big heart 
and long fingers ,but pretty low inteligence compensated of strong 
determination :)).Considering this i still want to learn to be programing.One 
of the thing i got stuck into is ncurses.In Romania we haven t many books of 
programming in C.The one I ve bought it is the most complete one.It costed me a 
small fortune,but the problem is that all the teaching is done for windows with 
the damn conio.h and I want to find or to get from some fellaws some guidance 
and some tutorial and some small examples with this ncurses.Please do all what 
you can and bring me the light and i will reward as I will can :))).You can 
mail me some examples and tell me how to use it.I have red hat 7.0 om my pc.I 
have also a poropsal you can consider.I was preaching and translating into a 
baptist church so my english is not bad at all(modest me!) and I think I can 
translate much man pages for linx in romanian helping the free software 
foundation to develop and to spread better even here!So what you think?We can 
try?In  hope of getting new friends ,contacts and good answers.

Thank you very much!

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