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CTRL macro conflict on AIX 5.2 - wchar versions of form and menu functio

From: Jim Idle
Subject: CTRL macro conflict on AIX 5.2 - wchar versions of form and menu functions
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 12:44:33 -0800

Just a minor note, but the view.c test won’t compile on AIX 5.2 without a bit of a hack. This is because it ends up including <sys/ioctl.h>, which in turn includes <sys/ttychars.h>, which defines the macro CTRL. This causes the xlc compiler to halt telling us that the CTRL macro is already defined in test.priv.h and cannot be redefined. A minor fix, I am sure. This is ncurses 5.4 with patches up to ../../ncurses-5.4-20040306.patch, but this also fails on previous versions. Ncurses also seems to work fine in 64 bit mode on AIX 5.2, in case anyone wants to know ;-)


My next question is whether there are currently any plans to add wchar support to the menu and form/field processing code? If there aren’t then I might be willing to add it, but I don’t want to duplicate any efforts. The wchar versions of the other functions seem to work fine – I wondered if there was any reason this had not been extended into forms and menus - other than time?



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