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Line mode

From: Mike Aubury
Subject: Line mode
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 10:36:12 +0000

If I run a program with TERM=vt100 and have some display in screen mode, then 
switch to line mode, the screen mode display is scrolled up and my line mode 
display is put at the bottom..

If I run the same program with TERM=xterm, the screen mode display disappears 
and is replaced by a copy of the screen *before* the screen mode was 
initiated and the display is put at the bottom.

What terminfo/termcap setting is used to specify this latter behaviour ?
(And is there anyway to turn it off - so I get the display like TERM=vt100 
when using xterm without having to change the terminfo/termcap entry!)

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