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RE: major problem with trivial piece of code

From: Heusden van, FJJ (Folkert)
Subject: RE: major problem with trivial piece of code
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 13:27:53 +0100

> > You forgot to add your own text :-)
> I added a "refresh();" call, but forgot that your message was much longer
> than that...

ah, ok. But that's not the problem: the original code has this refresh-

> > Anyway, I might have found it: it seems to be a problem with the \n in
> > the text. It seems that if you wprintw() a string with a \n in it, only
> > spaces are printed.
> yes - it clears the remainder of the current line, and moves to the next
> line.  This is confusing if you're printing into a single-line window.

Yes, not only that, it also doesn't print the rest of the string!
For example:
char *test = { 'H', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o', '\n', 0x00 };
wprintw(stdscr, "%s", test);
won't display anything at all, not even the "Hello".


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