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menu lib

From: johnd
Subject: menu lib
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 13:28:11 +0000
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Hi Guys,

I've got an application which uses menus and ncurses and it's for handling
loads of mail messages, grouping them etc.

But mail servers can get *very* clogged up, and even grouping them, I
sometimes get > 32k messages groups (grouped by IP/subject - I *hate*
spammers and their rotating subject lines).

libmenu, however, is all signed short int inside, so as soon as we get
32768 menu items it all croaks.  I've got 5.3 which seemed to be the
latest build.

Are you planning to stay with short ints inside the menu struct or moving
to int?  Or should I poke the source and do it myself?  Reinventing wheels
doesn't sound appealing.


John Denholm <address@hidden>                  The Evil Cachemaster
Senior Core Systems Developer
Energis                                          Tel: +44 113 207 6357

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