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Fwd: Re: resize bug with putty (last ncurses) [update]

From: Folkert van Heusden
Subject: Fwd: Re: resize bug with putty (last ncurses) [update]
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 19:45:55 +0200
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Please read the attached mail: there seems to be a problem with resizing 
terminals. Small steps go fine but, for example, resizing from 70x12 to 
200x60 fails.
The problem is then that creating a (new) window with the new size reported by 
ioctl(STDIN_FILENO, TIOCGWINSZ, &size) fails.
My code is then:
#ifdef N_CURSES
        if (ERR == resizeterm(max_y, max_x)) error_exit("problem resizeing 



Folkert van Heusden

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--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: resize bug with putty (last ncurses) [update] Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 19:27:18 +0200 User-agent: Mutt/1.5.4i
On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 07:04:13PM +0200, Folkert van Heusden wrote:
> ?
> Doesn't fail here.

Ok, I'm doing many tests and now it seems I got it:
forget screen. :)

I tried this with Eterm and aterm:

open the terminal (initial width and height: (x;y) )
if you resize with both big and small "steps" (i.e. not big resizes, say
10-15 chars) all works ok.
try this: resize to 70x12 and then to 200x60. here is the bug!
more in general: if you resize from a small window to a much bigger one
multitail crashes, if you do this in small steps (read: resizes) all
works ok.
I suspect this is a ncurses bug, not a multitail one

Filippo Giunchedi
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