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Re: Terminal echo

From: olafBuddenhagen
Subject: Re: Terminal echo
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 18:56:39 +0200
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> I had in mind recently that someone once told me that readline had
> enough hooks to allow ncurses to substitute for the display function
> of readline, but on investigation found that was not so.  (Otherwise I
> would have modified test/filter.c to do this, eliminating an faq). 

I'm not sure about your meaning... Is that to say it's not possible to
use Readline directly in fullscreen curses mode? That would be actually
very sad, as I intended to do exactly that in netrik at some point...

> > BTW, there is another (not new) problem with readline: Ncurses' default
> > SIGWINCH handler doesn't work anymore after using readline, although
> > readline seems to restore it correctly... (Restoring manually doesn't
> > help either.) I've no idea what goes wrong here; I didn't find any
> > reason although I studied the sources of both readline and ncurses. (Who
> > knows, maybe it's actually a problem of the OS signal handling... Maybe
> > someone should test it on something different than GNU/Linux2.4.) This
> > problem isn't that critical however, as it can be avoided by using an
> > own signal handler, and also SIGWINCH handling really isn't that
> > important...
> with netrik, or a simpler application?

I've now created a simplified test case for this also; see attachment.

> actually (on this machine I have 5.3 and 5.2 installed), I don't see a
> difference in behavior: both turn on echoing after executing readline.
> The debug trace shows that ncurses is doing the echoing (attaching copies
> of the old/new traces).

My fault -- I messed up the test program. The call to echo() after
readline() was actually to be noecho(), just to show that it has no
effect... Well, maybe it's better this way, as the double echo more
evidently shows something goes wrong...

> 2nd reply - long day.  I'm running Slackware, which does have termcap
> library also, and in linking did
>       -lncurses -lreadline -ltermcap
> which works fine.  Changing to
>       -lreadline -lncurses
> yields a double echo.

What exactly does -ltermcap effect here?

> So I assume that's what you're talking about.



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