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Need help installing ncurses 5.2

From: Alon Solell
Subject: Need help installing ncurses 5.2
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 00:17:43 +0200

My hosting provider gave me half the world, he gave GCC,... but no access to /usr/include/  (header files anyone?).
He gave me IMAP,.. but didn't open port 143 (you want to connect to the server...why?)...
I overcame some of the difficulties they graciously amounted infront of me,..(I created my own /include directory
with copied over header files) and created a tunneling - ssh2 port forwarding to connect to the imap.
BUT... (what a surprise! there is a but here)
Now,. I've been wanting somthing that is truely a challange.  I want lynx!
Considering the above mentioned problems,... and the fact that I know just about enough to get me into trouble with linux/unix
shell,... I now seek the help of the experts on installing lynx.
I don't have 'root' or 'su', but I do have my group rights and chmod anything to anthing within my 'tree' of directories.
I ran the ./configure for the 2.8.4 and .. stopped dead cold on the curses.
So I figured,. Ok.. I have no clue what those curses are.. but I'll take the extra step and install them.
Boom.  I hit a wall.
ncurses-5.2 wants libraries! <-----------==========*****************
This is where I got stuck.  I don't know how to set the search paths so that needed libraries will be looked at in the
'right' directories. The paths that I want to be setup which are different than the no-rights-to-read <system> paths are:
/home/src (if needed at all)
/home/obj (if needed at all)
I have full control over /home. (can I be redundant or what?!)
I don't mind setting you up with a shell account (telnet/ssh2) so that you can come in and try to figure out what the heck
is going on.
With that,.. I hope I'm not overburdening (is there such a word?)  you with too much info and with actually no time to actually
contribute towards this.
But I do appreciate your assistance with this and for taking the time even just to say: "Sorry pal,.. too busy".

Alon Solell
Cellular in Israel: +972-54-933-220
Fax: +972-3-744-0989

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