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problem with colors in boxes

From: Martijn Vernooij
Subject: problem with colors in boxes
Date: 13 Sep 2002 16:08:58 -0400

I am developing a program using ncurses and noticed a problem when I upgraded 
to redhat 7.3 . The problem is that colors and other attributes are not applied 
to boxes.

I tried the latest version of ncurses from your site (20020907). The newdemo 
test program included with the distribution demonstrates the problem. As the 
map of australia is displayed the box around the window should be red:

        /* Draw RED bounding box */
        use_colors(win, 2, A_NORMAL);
        box(win, ' ', ' ');

It isn't however. I tried to look at the code for drawing boxes but I didn't 
see anything wrong with it.

The redhat bug I found (filed by others experiencing the same problem) is at:


I apologise for the weird email address, but I need it to make the spam more 
manageable. I subscribed it to the list so I should receive replies sent to it.
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