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From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: ncurses-5.2-20020907.patch.gz
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 18:03:12 -0400
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 ncurses 5.2 - patch 20020907 - T.Dickey


 Ncurses 5.2 is at

 Patches for ncurses 5.2 are in the subdirectory


20020907 pre-release
        + change configure script to allow install of widec-character
          (ncursesw) headers to overwrite normal (ncurses) headers, since the
          latter is a compatible subset of the former.
        + fix path of edit_man.sed in configure script, needed to regenerate
          html manpages on Debian.
        + fix mismatched enums in vsscanf.c, which caused warning on Solaris.
        + update README.emx to reflect current patch used for autoconf.
        + change web- and ftp-site to invisible-island.net
        > Philippe Blain:
        + change case for 'P' in tparam_internal() to indicate that it pops
          a variable from the stack.
        + correct sense of precision and width in parse_format(), to avoid
        + modify lib_tparm.c, absorb really_get_space() into get_space().
        + modify getwin() and dupwin() to copy the _notimeout, _idlok and
          _idcok window fields.
        + better fix for _nc_set_type(), using typeMalloc().

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