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form problems

From: Marco Stolle
Subject: form problems
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 13:55:04 +0200


when i create a simple for (or a complicated on) and i want to enter 
characters like : éçèà or ° they don't show up in the field, I also query 
databases with this program and when i want to fill a field with a string 
containing such a character the field stays empty,
when for example the string is 20 chars long and the speciale char is nr 15 
and i define the field where the string is suppose to come to be 14 chars 
then the field displayes the first 14 chars of the string(not containing 
special chars) when i define the field to be 15 chars so that the special 
char comes in range of the field and i fill the field with the string, the 
field stays empty

I think it's verry strange and i'm getting desperate

help please     Thanx   Marco  

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