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bug in mvwprintw

From: Mike Castle
Subject: bug in mvwprintw
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 20:09:40 -0700
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It may be worth while to check of other similar errors.

No regression testing for this function?


diff -ru ncurses-5.2-20011013.orig/ncurses/base/lib_printw.c 
--- ncurses-5.2-20011013.orig/ncurses/base/lib_printw.c Sat Oct 13 19:59:38 2001
+++ ncurses-5.2-20011013/ncurses/base/lib_printw.c      Sat Oct 13 20:08:15 2001
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@
     T((T_CALLED("mvprintw(%d,%d,%s,...)"), y, x, _nc_visbuf(fmt)));
-    if ((code = move(y, x)) != ERR) {
+    if ((code = move(win, y, x)) != ERR) {
        va_start(argp, fmt);
        code = vwprintw(stdscr, fmt, argp);

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