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backspace & other problems

From: Marco Stolle
Subject: backspace & other problems
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 09:17:59 -0400


i'm writing a program using ncurses 5.2, and I'm having the folowing problems,

backspace works fine in the text console, but with Konsole (1.0.1) it doesn't 
work or not correctly maening, when i hit the backspace 8 times it goes 7 
times to the left and the 8 hit it goes to the right leaving a char visible, 
and not going completely to the left of the line.
in file:/usr/share/apps/konsole/x11r5.keytab i've experimented with settings 
for backspace but without succes, i tried \b and \x7f.

also in the text console i don't see the underline of the fields that i see 
in Konsole,

Any hints and pointers to good ncurses manuals/tutorials are very welcome

thanx                           Marco

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