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Problems with xterm/ncurses

From: Bryant
Subject: Problems with xterm/ncurses
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 16:31:56 -0600

Attn. T. Dickey

I am learning to use ncurses by writing a program.  The program runs
well in a virtual-console but I have encountered  a couple of problems
using it in xterm windows.

1.  Under GNOME, using Linux 7.1 from Redhat,  in a
Gnome-xterm-window,   menus function OK but they fail to fully paint the
menu-window.  This problem does not appear when using a standard or
color "xterm" window.  Nor does it appear when running on another
computer set up with the KDE X-windows.

2.   Under KDE,  using "forms" for input,   data input into one  field
displays correctly up to a point, but then appears on the next line,
etc.  The data actually accepted is OK but the display during entry is
confused.  This problem does not occur under GNOME.

You may have encountered these problems already.   I am willing to send
complete documentation for your perusal, if you wish.

For a while I subscribed to the ncurses bug distribution email list, but
I concluded that most of the material was beyond my ken, so I

Thanks for your attention,      Ernie Bryant

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