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Re: cdparanoia with latest ncurses gives strange output

From: Frank Heckenbach
Subject: Re: cdparanoia with latest ncurses gives strange output
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 04:03:57 +0200

Mike Castle wrote:

> outputting to /home/nexus/music/WSPse-MP3Creatc90c0c0e_00.wav
>  (== PROGRESS == [  >                           | 000848 00 ] == :-) 0 ==)
> As the above shows, cdparanoia is no longer spitting out the '-' as it
> should.  (the above should look like [-->  ).
> I think this started happening around ncurses-5.2 patch 20010901, though
> not certain.  I can do some regression testing to verify if necessary.
> Has anyone else noticed this as well?

No, but are you aware that cdparanoia outputs different characters,
depending on the quality of what was read (see the cdparanoia FAQ)?
Spaces mean error-free reading, and are actually better than `-'
(frame jitter, though that's also mostly harmless).

If you start seeing the difference now, it might be another reason,
like a new kernel version which maybe supports your driver better,
or better CDs. ;-)

But I might be wrong, I didn't try the recent ncurses versions yet.


Frank Heckenbach, address@hidden
PGP and GPG keys: http://fjf.gnu.de/plan

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