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Infinite loop in frm_driver.c

From: Marlin Forbes
Subject: Infinite loop in frm_driver.c
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 23:20:27 +0200


I am probably doing something stupid, but when debugging my NCurses form app, 
a change I must have introduced recently and can no longer find results in an 
infinite loop inside the Synchronize_Linked_Fields function:

937       for(linked_field = field->link;
938           linked_field!= field;
939           linked_field = linked_field->link )
940         {
941           if (((syncres=Synchronize_Field(linked_field)) != E_OK) &&
942               (res==E_OK))
943             res = syncres;
944         }
945       return(res);
946     }

The problem is that linked_field is equal to linked_field->link, and not 
equal to field. IOW, the Synchronize_FIeld function gets called ad infinitum 
because the linked_field is linked to itself.

Now I'm not too sure what the field->link attribute is for, since I'm not 
even using linked fields.

This behaviour only occurs when a field requires validation, ie: something 
changes and the user tries to leave the field.

Everything was working fine (sob). I don't know what I did.

Stack trace is as follows:

#0  0x08053159 in Synchronize_Linked_Fields (field=0x80ac130)
    at ../form/frm_driver.c:942
#1  0x08054bef in _nc_Internal_Validation (form=0x80af378)
    at ../form/frm_driver.c:2704
#2  0x08054fd6 in Inter_Field_Navigation (fct=0x8055040 <FN_Next_Field>,
    form=0x80af378) at ../form/frm_driver.c:3059
#3  0x0805573a in form_driver (form=0x80af378, c=516)
    at ../form/frm_driver.c:3698
#4  0x0804f58f in form_show (form=0x80af378) at form.c:189
#5  0x0804e3c4 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbffff8dc)
#6  0x400760de in __libc_start_main () from /lib/libc.so.6

I am using Mandrake 8.0 with ncurses-5.2-16mdk.src.rpm. I have not applied
any patches since another problem I have is getting the damn patch*.sh file 
to run. Which shell are they written for? /bin/sh spits out complaints



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