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From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: ncurses-5.2-20010526.patch.gz
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 20:35:55 -0400
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 ncurses 5.2 - patch 20010526 - T.Dickey


 Ncurses 5.2 is at

 Patches for ncurses 5.2 are in the subdirectory


        + add experimental --with-caps=XXX option to customize to similar
          terminfo database formats such as AIX 4.x
        + add Caps.aix4 as an example.
        + modify Caps to add columns for the the KEY_xxx symbols.
        + modify configure --with-widec to suppress overwrite of libcurses.so
          and curses.h
        + add checks to toe.c to avoid being confused by files and directories
          where we would expect the reverse, e.g., source-files in the
          top-level terminfo levels as is the case for AIX.

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