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ncurses 5.2 on AIX 4.2.3

From: bug-ncurses
Subject: ncurses 5.2 on AIX 4.2.3
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 22:08:54 -0500
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Any get ncurses to work successfully with AIX 4.3.2? I've tried the
IBM C compiler and GCC and when I run the test programs (xmas and
gdc), I get garbage on the screen (nothing readable or coherent).

I'm compiling with the following options:
./configure --with-normal --with-debug=no \
--disable-overwrite --with-terminfo-dirs=/usr/share/lib/terminfo \
--with-default-terminfo-dir=/usr/share/lib/terminfo --enable-symlinks \
--enable-echo --with-manpage-format=normal --without-ada \
--program-prefix=gnu --enable-rpath --prefix=${INSTALL_PREFIX}

albert chin (address@hidden)

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