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bug with TERM=xterm but not with TERM=linux

From: Erik Wasser
Subject: bug with TERM=xterm but not with TERM=linux
Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 18:40:36 +0200

Hello address@hidden,

just a few days before I began programing with the ncurses library and 
perl. But then I found a bug. But I was not sure If the bug was perl 
related or curses related, so I wrote a little C program (see 
attachment) to show you the bug.

The program should print something like this:

       111111111 [...]
       222222222 [...]
       333333333 [...]
       444444444 [...]
       555555555 [...]
       666666666 [...]

I know, it's meaningless, but it's just for the demonstration. But it 
prints out this.

       1111111     111 [...]

       1111111     111 [...]
       222222 2    222 [...]
       333333  3   333 [...]
       444444   4  444 [...]
       555555    5 555 [...]
       666666     6666 [...]


1) If you resize the window everything is going back to normal. I use 
Mandrake 8.0 with KDE2.1 and konsole as 'xterm'.

2) On the normal linux text console ALT-F1-F6 the program is working.

3) If I set "export TERM=linux" (the old value is 'xterm') then the 
program works under konsole of KDE very fine.

Now I'm a little bit confused: Is it the fault of ncurses or is it the 
fault of KDE?

Thanks for your help... B-)

I'm using:
- ncurses-5.2-12mdk
- libncurses5-devel-5.2-12mdk
- libncurses5-5.2-12mdk

So long... Fuzz

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