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Re: installation assistance request (AIX 4.3)

From: Philip Spencer
Subject: Re: installation assistance request (AIX 4.3)
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 13:18:06 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Dave Gomboc wrote:

> I've downloaded and compiled ncurses 5.2 (using gcc 2.95.2).  After setting
> the environment variable TERMINFO to /usr/share/lib/terminfo (as directed in
> the FAQ), I was able to run some of the programs in the test subdirectory.

We have ncurses 5.2 running under AIX. Because of differences between the
AIX curses and ncurses, we elected to keep them completely separate.

This we did by configuring with

./configure --disable-overwrite
make install

(actually we also specified a --install-prefix since we were building an
RPM package, but that isn't important).

This puts the terminfo database in /usr/local/share/terminfo, libraries in
/usr/local/lib, programs in /usr/local/bin, include files in
/usr/local/include/ncurses, where they do not conflict with the AIX
terminfo database.

Then programs compiled and linked with ncurses will use the ncurses
database, and programs compiled and linked with AIX curses will use the
regular AIX database. Upgrading ncurses will not interfere with AIX,
and, more importantly, upgrading AIX will not wipe out your ncurses

If you want to add customized terminal entries, you need to do two things:

  (1) /usr/local/bin/tic sourcefile    -- to put it into ncurses's database
  (2) /usr/bin/tic sourcefile          -- to put it into AIX's database.

An ncurses test program will probably not run properly if TERMINFO is set
to /usr/share/lib/terminfo, but should run properly if TERMINFO is
undefined or set to /usr/local/share/terminfo.

To test out ncurses before installation, I'd suggest configuring with
--install-prefix=/var/tmp/ncurses. Then after doing a "make install",
the files are placed in /var/tmp/ncurses/usr/local/...

Then try your test programs with


and when you're satisfied you can move everything from
/var/tmp/ncurses/usr/local/... into /usr/local/...

Philip Spencer  address@hidden | Director of Computing Services 
Room 336        (416)-348-9710  ext3036     | The Fields Institute for 
222 College St, Toronto ON M5T 3J1 Canada   | Research in Mathematical Sciences

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