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ncurses forms

From: Sergio Duran
Subject: ncurses forms
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 16:48:27 -0500


I have started developing a ncurses app... its filled with forms.
That's ok, but I no form field allows me to type 8 bit characters, since
isprint() doesnt qualify those chars as printable, i really need those
(áéíóú, ñ, for an instance), I have been looking but the only way I was
able to do it... was a workaround, that on E_UNKNOWN_COMMAND test the
char, and if it is really a 8 bit char, call form_driver, once to add a
space, then addch(), and then again form_driver to move the cursor.
I guess that's deprecated.

I would really need to know how to do/fix/work this.



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