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From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: ncurses-5.1-20001014.patch.gz
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 23:12:37 -0400

 ncurses 5.1 - patch 20001014 - T.Dickey

 I'll work on release notes, and if no interesting bugs surface, will make
 the 5.2 release (yes, I've not incremented the minor version yet).


 Ncurses 5.1 is at

 Patches for ncurses 5.1 are in the subdirectory


        + correct an off-by-one position in test/railroad.c which could cause
          wrapping at the right margin.
        + test/repair some issues with libtool configuration.  Make
          --disable-echo force libtool --silent.  (Libtool does not work for
          OS/2 EMX, works partly for SCO - libtool is still very specific to
        + change default of --with-manpage-tbl to "no", since for most of the
          platforms which do have tbl installed, the system "man" program
          understands how to run tbl automatically.
        + minor improvement to force_bar() in comp_parse.c (Bernhard
          Rosenkraenzer <address@hidden>).
        + modify lib_tparm.c to use get_space() before writing terminating
          null character, both for consistency as well as to ensure that if
          save_char() was called immediately before, that the allocated memory
          is enough (patch by Sergei Ivanov).
        + add note about termcap ML capability which is duplicated between two
          different capabilities:  smgl and smglr (reported by Sergei Ivanov
        + correct parameter counts in include/Caps for dclk as well as some
          printer-specific capabilities: csnm, defc, scs, scsd, smgtp, smglp.
        > patch by Johnny C Lam <address@hidden>:
        + add support for building with libtool (apparently version 1.3.5,
          since old versions do not handle -L../lib), using new configure
          option --with-libtool.
        + add configure option --with-manpage-tbl, which causes the manpages to
          be preprocessed by tbl(1) prior to installation,
        + add configure option --without-curses-h, which causes the
          installation process to install curses.h as ncurses.h and make
          appropriate changes to headers and manpages.

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