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Re: [bug-myserver] More questions

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: [bug-myserver] More questions
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 01:21:04 +0200
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Frans Houweling <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Giuseppe
>  I know I am becoming your nightmare. I really am attracted to
> myserver but I am too ignorant to get it working.

don't worry, this is the proper place where to ask questions.

> 1) I would like to run tcl scripts, and therefore put
>    <MIME mime="application/x-tcl" handler="CGI"
>          param="/usr/local/bin/tclsh" selfExecuted="YES">
>           <EXTENSION value="tcl"/>
>    </MIME>
> in  /etc/myserver/MIMEtypes.xml (besides <ALLOW_CGI>YES</ALLOW_CGI> in
> virtualhosts.xml). To no avail, because the browser just asks if I
> want to save the TCL file.

I think you need selfExecuted="NO".  In this way it will be the TCL
interpreter to be executed and the script will be the argument to the
interpreter.  Can you try this small change?

> 2) What is meant by the "system directory" (<SYSROOT> tag)?

It contains the default .security.xml file to use on the virtual hosts,
plus some other files.  Any file /sys/XXX/YYY is directly mapped to this
directory (except files under the system root), so for example you can
keep error directories in this place as the example web directory of
MyServer does. 

> PS
> 1) Update to plugins question: myserver expects a ./plugins directory
> where myserver is started (yesterday I thought the issue was solved
> because pwd was /usr/local/bin. If pwd is /root the warning re-appears
> unless I create /root/plugins.
> 2) If I get it working I offer my help for a
> myserver-for-dummies-quickstarting guide

Awesome!  Feel free to ask any question, and clear any doubt.  If
something is broken, we will fix it :-)


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